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“My Neighbor…” The Privacy Problem

By September 25, 2018March 16th, 2022No Comments
Lattice Top Wood Shadowbox Fence

A Privacy Fence Could Be The Answer

Find yourself complaining about your neighbor more often than you would like?

Hardwick Fence can help!

Most of us are fortunate enough to say that we have wonderful neighbors. The kind of people who offer to keep an eye on your home while you’re out of town or invite you and your family over for barbeques and football games. However, sadly, there are those who don’t have that kind of relationship with their neighbors, and they just avoid each other altogether. How can these homeowners handle having a less than pleasant neighbor? If you answered: “Fence their property!” You answered correctly! Many of our clients have begun their conversations with our estimators with the words, “My neighbor…” We understand. Although we all want to live in a world where neighbors are friends, we understand this is not always the case and we are here to help.

Privacy Fence

At Hardwick Fence, we offer a wide variety of privacy fencing types, styles, colors, and materials including but not limited to:

Wood Stockade Fence — Constructed with the boards placed tightly against one another, giving you a solid panel. With only a very small gap if any in between the pickets, it creates significant semi-privacy.

Wood Board on Board Fence – Board on Board is like the stockade design but leaves a larger gap between the pickets and adds another picket over the gap. This gives you a true privacy fence.

Wood Shadow Box Fence – The frame is the basic frame of a privacy fence. It is the pickets that go on differently. A picket goes on one side of the fence then instead of putting the next picket beside it, you put it on the outside of the fence, going back and forth until the fence is complete. This way, for those of you who don’t like facing the inside of the fence, you get to view the pickets as well instead of just the frame. This is often referred to as the “Good Neighbor” fence as it is the same visually on either side. It is available in full or semi-privacy, and with or without trimming and capping.

• Horizontal Fence – Highly sought after and trending at the top of the fencing world right now is the stylish horizontal fence. The pickets placed horizontally provide excellent privacy and add an aesthetically pleasing visual to any property.

Custom Wood Fence – Custom fences are truly fun for us. We love fencing, and we love a challenge. If you have a design idea, let us know! We will do our best to bring your fence dreams to life!

• There are also several different styles, colors, and options for privacy fencing with PVC/Vinyl, a durable, eco-friendly, low-maintenance and recyclable material! Click here for more information on PVC/Vinyl.

Have an HOA/ARB/ARC? Don’t worry!

Our office staff will happily work with your HOA/ARB/ARC to ensure that we are compliant with all policies and regulations, as well as submitting a request for fence installation approval on your behalf. In addition, Hardwick Fence will also obtain any necessary permitting as well as file Notices of Commencement if applicable. Essentially, we remove all potential stressors from your fence purchase and installation experience.

There Is A Solution

Maybe you’ve had enough of your neighbor’s relentless desire to talk politics every time they spot you in your backyard. Perhaps you’ve caught your neighbor’s dog doing his business in your backyard for the 100th time. Maybe your neighbors aren’t the worst, but you would like to be able to enjoy a Sunday morning on your patio without being seen in your pajamas. Whatever your reason for wanting privacy, we can help! From the moment our estimator greets you at your property to take measurements (free of cost!) to the moment our foreman walks your completed fence with you ensuring your satisfaction, we make it easy. Start to finish, our clients and their 100% satisfaction are our priority. To learn more about residential fencing including payment methods and financing options, click here.

You don’t have to start another complaint with “My neighbor…”.

Call The Fence People!

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